We are god’s still-forming child

We are god’s still-forming child, still opening our eyes on a reality whose astonishments we can never exhaust. — Marilynne Robinson

Why do I so easily forget that reality is astonishing? Whenever my current situation isn’t going the way I planned, or if life is just too hard to handle, I am quick to reminisce, become nostalgic, think of the “good old days”.  Or, I jump ahead and daydream about all the things I’d like to see happen, all the possibilities, all the ways life could be better.

I forget that what is happening today — in the here and now — is raw life. Life in its purest form.  Arriving fully and completely in each present moment, even if the present is uncomfortable, scary, or painful, is the only way to see reality for what it truly is, astonishing.

I have the choice to wake up and view each day as an opportunity to see more clearly and experience more completely this mysterious life. With each day comes fresh perspective from God, who is continually opening my eyes — I am still being formed. We are still being formed. Our bodies, our brains, our beliefs. The infinite creator of the universe, Divine Love, will forever be opening our eyes to the wonder of each day, we just need to choose to pay attention.

There is a super-abundance of astonishing [confusing, bewildering, amazing, surprising, wonderful] moments [gifts, situations, experiences, interactions] — use any and all of the words you want — for us to recognize and live wholly into each day.

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