All will come of its own accord in good time

“All will come of its own accord in good time and with abundant fullness, so long as one does not attempt to hoard or cling.” — Cynthia Bourgeault

I have seen this happen in my life time and time again. The perfect timing, a succession of serendipitous events. All things in life culminating to the exact right moment. When I am living honestly, when I am trusting of myself and of God, I’m swept right up in the Divine Current and it is so beautiful and so full.

There are times when I can tell that things are piecing together and something is happening under the surface. Maybe I’m doubtful and untrusting of myself and of God. And I get attached to the outcome, whatever it may be. I want it, or I don’t want it, and I’m fearful and anxious and possessive and manipulative. I cling, I hoard, I flee, I dismiss — all forms of attachment and control.

When we are not fastened to any one outcome, result, situation, possession, consequence, feeling, event, etc. we are free to sit in the reality of it all. Whatever enters and leaves, whether that is a person or an emotion. Noticing life and it’s happenings for what they are — nothing more, nothing less — grateful for it all, because as the Little Flower (Thérèse of Lisieux) said, all is grace. And this where the fullness is. I want the life Jesus offers, life to the full.


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