The way you saw things yesterday doesn’t have to be the way you see things today

“The way you saw things yesterday doesn’t have to be the way you see things today.” — Buddha

The cat is curled up on my bed again. Right in the sunny spot.

Today happened just like all the other days this week:
woke up, ate breakfast, walked to work, ate lunch, went back to work, came home, went to yoga, hung around the house, repeat.

If I am being honest, sometimes I feel exempt from mundane living.
I long to do everything, anything, except a repetitive, mundane, monotonous existence.

But recently I’ve been challenged by the Buddha, who said: The way you saw things yesterday doesn’t have to be the way you see things today.

I realized that I have been viewing things the same every day — it was me the whole time. Not the work or the job, the house or the place, the people or the God… it is me and my limited perception of my present reality that keeps me stuck in what I think is a “monotonous existence”. When I have fresh perspective, when I choose to engage in the here and now, then all that is before me is new, exciting, an adventure. It is everything. And it is so full.

So, tomorrow my day will look like this:

I roll out of bed (literally) at 6:45 a.m. after hitting snooze twice
and make my way to the woven rug in the middle of my room
where I sit and meditate for a bit, sitting up tall, waking up my mind
the sun brightens up the sky, I can hear my chickens squawking, I take a breath
I make my way downstairs for breakfast, the stove light is on and it is casting a beautiful shadow
the outdoor cat meets me at the pantry window, “mornin’ jo”
light enters the kitchen as benjamin measures water for his oatmeal
we silently, but contentedly, fuel up for the day
after I eat I go back upstairs to brush my teeth, the cat rushes past my feet
as I walk through the backyard to work, i look over the fence and see my neighbor also leaving for the day and I wave
“good morning Laretta”, I say, as I fill up my coffee mug with steaming hot joe
I go upstairs and walk to the end of the hallway, where the big windows are
I unlock my office, flip on the lights, and sip my coffee while while my computer warms up
my boss pops in and says good morning, it’s peaceful and quiet

And that’s just the first hour of my day…

I’ll return home to find the cat curled up on my bed again, right in the sunny spot. This time I am going to take a deep breath and remember how something so simple and seemingly ordinary is full of wonder, beauty, and life.

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