If you were transformed, the world would be transformed

If you were transformed, the world would be transformed.” — Enneagram Institute

Last month my friends and I went to the Red River Gorge. We picked the best time to travel to that part of the country; the trees were deep autumn tones, it was sunny and warm during the day with brisk nights that called for a big, cozy fire.

We let the fresh air fill our lungs as we hiked to Natural Bridge and every arch we could find. I picked up every leaf thinking each one was the most beautiful, while my friends poked fun at me because the ground was a carpet of beautiful leaves.

Looking out over the quiet tree tops, I called to mind something I had read recently: If you were transformed, the world would be transformed.

And I was reminded of how important it is that we learn to trust ourselves, love ourselves. How necessary it is for us to follow our passions, desires, and dreams. When we are really alive, living as truly and as honestly as we can, not only for ourselves, but for others, and most importantly for the Good God who is Love and Life, we can only bring beauty, goodness, and light into this world.

In a day and age that is full of darkness, I am reminded that we need to choose personal transformation in order to bring about change.

This trip to such a beautiful place re-awakened the passions, dreams, and desires deep within me. My visit to these wooded hills reminded me to press into transformation and growth with the hope that the world will be transformed, too.

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